Vodka infusion weekend.  Need a use for your crabapples?  Got turned onto a great crabapple liquor recipe last year.  It’s very easy.  Original recipe called for using a 4 quart jar, one cup of sugar and fill the jar halfway with vodka, but I only had one quart jars so divided the crop up like this;   Filled quart jars with crabapples and 1/4 cup sugar, top off with vodka…turned out each jar took 16oz of vodka.  Vodka doesn’t have to be any special brand, go for decent price.  Over the next month will flip the jars over everyday.  They are just sitting out on the bar.  After the month is up strain liquor into bottles or jars and chill.  Serve as a nice after dinner sipper.  Has a nice sweet, smooth flavor with just a bit of tartness.  I’m not usually a fan of sweet liquors but this one’s a winner!  As Col. Potter on M*A*S*H would say, “not enough “O’s” in smoooth…” to describe the taste.

Also did jalapeno and cucumber infusions using the veggies from the garden.  For the jalapeno one, slice pepper and add to vodka, taste everyday to determine how hot you want it.  One day could be enough depending on the heat of the pepper.  Makes great Bloody Mary’s!

(EDIT)  Pulled jalapeno out after two days. Has some nice heat and pepper flavor without being TOO hot.

For the cucumber, slice and let cucs soak for 4-5 days.  Vodka will take on a wonderful, earthy taste.  Of course cucumber martinis will be in order!  Use a thin slice of cucumber for garnish.  Yum!

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